Welcome to Basildon Round Table!


Basildon Round Table is a social club for young men between the ages of 18 and 45. Our members come from all walks of life and have all kinds of interests, but all of us share a common goal of having fun and helping the community.


Our major public events include the annual firework display and Santa's sleigh collections at Christmas. Being a registered charity with zero overheads, every penny that we raise from those events is ploughed back into the Basildon community.


Over the past couple of years we have raised over £30,000. This money will all be given to local charities and worthy causes in and around Basildon.


Aside from our fundraising activities, we meet twice monthly for a range of activities from paint-balling to karting, and from visits to breweries and casinos to comedy nights. We also meet up for social activities, be they informal barbecues or nights out at Bas Vegas, or more organised events such as our annual golf trip to Spain or our black tie ball each March.


Male? Single? Family man? Dating? Come and see what we're all about and expand your social life.


Please use the links to find out more about Round Table, both here in Basildon and on an international level, or to see our upcoming events.

"We don't just sit there. We #DO MORE"