Christmas Routes 2017 - Please share with your friends


We're very excited to share with you our Christmas sleigh routes for 2017!


We aim to visit as many streets as possible within the areas we have planned, and hope to cover them all but as always this depends on accessibility (the sleigh is towed and we need clear turning points).


If we cannot manage to get to your street or area this year, we would love to see you come and visit Santa at a street nearby. Please take a look at the lists on the left hand side to see exactly where we plan to be on each night.


Unfortunately we cannot give timings other than that the parades start around 6.15 pm and we aim to finish by 8.15 pm. The only day when this is different will be on Sunday 17th (Kingswood) when we aim to start at 5pm - 7pm.


With only 4 active members we are reliant on the support of our retired members, our friends and relatives who give up their evenings to ensure Santa's parades can go ahead. Please bear in mind that we may need to change or cancel our routes at short notice in the event of inclement weather or lack of volunteer numbers. We apologise in advance for any disappointment that may be caused should that be the case.


Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you soon.


Our Facebook page will be updated daily with further information and updates.